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Guía de Cuidado Maternidad Grupo Bupa Chile


How do we empower mothers to make conscious decisions about maternity through every moment in its journey?


We built a new way of accompanying mothers along their maternity through the design of an educational program, with guided sessions, digital care and internal management tools, as well as a commercial offer from the clinics and medical centres network, to promote (self)care culture. With the design of the ‘Mamá Bupa’ program, with laid the foundations for a new way of living maternity in personal autonomy.


Name: Bupa Chile, Maternity Experience Design.
When: 2020.
Where: Santiago.
Team: Bupa Chile, Estudio RUIZ, raíz3.
#experiencedesign #journeymap #servicedesign #digitaldesign #digitalcare #servicetraining #education #educationalprogramme #maternityguide #servicemanual #corporateculture
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