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Steelwood design

Narrative Steelwood design Challenge: Strengthen the Furniture Design brand’s identity in the context of new solutions demanded from new ways of inhabiting spaces. Solution: We

Design Thinking for organizations

Programs Design Thinking for organizations Description: Workshops program that seeks to introduce Design Thinking as a methodology that tackles design challenges within an organization, promoting

Ecological Territorial Organization Program

Programs Ecological Territorial Organization Program Description: A strategic design masterplan program for the configuration and development of rural territories, by using a systemic approach for

Strategic coaching for SMEs.

Programs Strategic coaching for SMEs. Description: A strategic coaching four session program that seeks to activate positive change in business or professional change, using a

Lo Barnechea Building Project Masterplan

Editorial Lo Barnechea Building Project Masterplan Description: Strategic Master brief design for the development of a building project in Lo Barnechea that allows the implementation

Coppelia Experience Manual

Editorial Coppelia Experience Manual Description: The manual establishes common criteria for brand experience solutions on spatial, people and content levels; in the factory, distribution, stores

Claro Chile Experience Manual

Editorial Claro Chile Experience Manual Description: The manual establishes common criteria and a shared sense for solution design in the experience’s different dimensions, fulfilling the